Neck and Back Pain Assessment and Management


"I am so frustrated and annoyed by this problem..."


"I can't do my usual sports or normal activities..."


"It never seems to go away...and when it does, it comes back again in a few months..."


"I don't know what to do...should I exercise, or should I rest..?"


"Who do I turn to..?"


"I'm so tired of this pain..."



Confused? It's not surprising!


  • There is a tremendous amount of information flying about the interweb these days about how best to treat back pain, (a lot of it is not very helpful!).


  • Unfortunately, when the medical profession talks about back pain, those that don't fall into a nice, neat diagnosis group are lumped into a category known as "non-specific lower back pain".


  • It makes up the largest population of people presenting with lower back pain, and costs the economy a significant amount every year.


  • So when you see your doctor for a bacterial infection, they give you antibiotics; if you cut yourself, you have stitches. Nice and clear treatment for a nice clear diagnosis.


  • So when you go to your doctor for "non-specific lower back pain", you get non-specific treatment, right? Because that matches the diagnosis, right?


  • 20 years of treating people with lower back pain has taught me that everyone is different, and responds differently to different treatments, because, although the label is the same, their "non-specific lower back pain" is not the same as the next person.


  • Some people needs manual therapy, some don't; some need CBT (a form of talking therapy), some don't; some need exercise (ok - everyone benefits from exercise!).


  • So the key is to make the treatment as specific to your problem as possible, as well as identify the risk factors/activites you do each day that can help or hinder your recovery.


  • That's what I aim for here at Manor Drive Physiotherapy - get a clear picture of what is causing the symptoms, what you hope to achieve, and how we can get there.


  • Hence, make the "non-specific" significantly more specific - to you.
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