Golf can be difficult - just ask any regular player. It is very technical, mentally exhausting and sometimes difficult to comprehend - and that's just the rules!


Jokes aside, the golf swing is a marvel of physics, converting rotational and linear energy into a small ball, then the small ball into the trees, a bush, the lake on 17, or the neighbours garden, never to be seen again. Golf can be is difficult.


So the last thing you need is a niggle, (or worse) preventing you from making the most of the summer sun (and winter's ok, I understand completely).


From Golfer's elbow to a sore back, you don't need to suffer alone. Bring your friends so they can watch you get beaten up, stretched to breaking point, reduced to a wreck - then after your round, come see me for some treatment, tips and technical advice. Your friends are welcome, too!



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