Soft Tissue Treatment and Mobilisation

The clinic opened more than two years, and in that time I have noticed the need for a service focused on soft tissue mobilisation, rather than direct physiotherapy treatment. 



What happens in a soft tissue mobilisation session?


As with my physiotherapy sessions, we need a start point. I need to understand how I can help, based on your needs. This may simply be a need to address some discomfort or stiffness, or it may be you wish to manage your recovery from sporting activity, or prepare for an event.


Next is a short assessment, depending on the areas involved. I will record the results of specific range of motion and flexibility tests, and note any areas of unexpected muscular tenderness or weakness.


Once we have agreed a plan to address any specific issues, we can proceed.


The techniques used in a session will include soft tissue mobilisation (similar to massage but more directed at muscle and tendon rather than the skin, for example); active and passive stretching and traction of various joints in a movement "chain", and active muscle recruitment techniques.



Who would benefit?


This service is not a replacement for physiotherapy, but rather an opportunity for those who wish to manage the effects of their lifestyle or sports activities on their musculoskeletal system.


The "ideal" client is someone who sits or stands for a prolonged period, especially computer or office-based work, or is involved in a leisure or sport activity such as gardening, running, cricket etc. that loads the body for a prolonged period of time.


It is not a replacement for a physiotherapy assessment or treatment - if I feel there is a specific issue causing any of your symptoms, or you have sustained a specific injury, I will inform you and we can the discuss your physiotherapy treatment options.


If you are interested in this service, feel free to contact me to discuss if it is suitable for you.

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