Client Testimonials

Chris really takes the time to diagnose properly, and clearly makes an effort to understand the context of the injury and recovery, as well the personal aspirations of the patient. I was appreciative of the effort he took to explain his process and how he clearly demonstrated the effects, both obvious and less obvious, of the injury I sustained (lower back). I made a quick recovery and returned to sport slightly ahead of schedule, and I am confident that it is in no small part to his contribution. Highly recommended.

Lewis, New Malden

"Over the last few years Manor Drive Physios have  managed my many aches and pains to the extent that I am now many years older but yet participating in much more regular and strenuous activities than before  – I could not do this without the on-going maintenance and support of Chris . Thank you. Alan , Putney

"I just wanted to put into words my gratitude and thanks to you for your help, diagnosis and treatment of my recent injury. I must admit that because of the distance involved, me in Nottingham and you in London, I wondered what you would be able to do! That said, what you did was amazing. Following the pictures that I sent you with the injured area highlighted with a sharpie marker (genius idea)  and the extensive 25-30 minute consultation on the phone you identified and diagnosed the problem and told me how to treat it. That doesn’t tell the whole story though, your undoubted extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very impressive and the patient way you explained to me exactly what was happening with the injury, why it was happening and even why it occurred was incredible. Even though we have never met face to face I felt completely at ease talking to you and explaining myself. It was clear, just by conversation, that you cared and were committed to “fixing” me as soon as you could.


Following the treatment techniques that you suggested I am happy to report that there have been no more issues and the injury has completely healed. If you can do this over the phone and with instruction only, what you could achieve face to face must be even more impressive. I assure you, if I lived within a 50 mile radius of where you are I would come to you for treatment every time I needed any."


Ian, Nottingham (telephone consultation - February 2017)

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