footscan® Advanced Pressure Measurement System


What is footscan®?


footscan® is a pressure measurement system, in the form of a 1m long mat, that converts the pressure under your feet into electronic data


What does it do?


footscan® records changes in pressure under your feet during activities such as walking, running and jumping


footscan® also measures your balance (using your centre of gravity) during an activity


How can it help?


footscan® data helps us to determine if you are at increased risk of activity-related injuries due to the way your foot bears your body weight under various loads


We can then use this data to develop a solution to the particular issue you are experiencing, by prescribing shoe inserts or orthotics, recommending an appropriate exercise programme, applying manual therapy techniques, or a combination of these methods


What does it cost, and how long does it take?


The footscan® assessment is £65


The assessment takes 60 minutes, depending on the nature of the condition we are assessing, or the requirement of the individual


You will receive a report of the footscan® results, and will have the opportunity to discuss what the information means to you, and the reasoning behind the recommendations we make


If you require an insert or orthotic, there are a wide variety of choices, from off the shelf products, to fully bespoke orthotics using advanced materials.




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