Physiotherapy In Worcester Park

Manor Drive Physiotherapy Clinic provides treatment for muscular and joint-related pain, and movement rehabilitation after injury, surgery or illness. The clinic is based in The Manor Drive in Worcester Park.


Having an injury or being in pain can be frustrating and depressing, but with the right guidance and effort you can overcome these challenges.


The clinic is owned by Chris Newman, a Chartered Physiotherapist with 20 years exoerience treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, and sports injuries.

Benefits of Physiotherapy


A Physiotherapist is trained to identify and manage injuries to the muscles, joints and bones in the body. Physiotherapy uses physical modalities to treat these problems, such as exercise, massage, manual therapy, heat/cold, and taping.


Physiotherapy assessment involves moving the affected areas actively or passively in order to identify the main cause of your symptoms. Once identified, the causes are addressed using the modalities above.

If you are struggling with a "bad" back, "niggling" knee, or "aching" ankle, get in touch. If you're not sure what physio treatment might work, give me a call or drop me an email - I'd be happy to discuss your injury concerns.

"I chose this Physiotherapy specifically due to the one review on here as I felt that Chris may be able to help with my problem which was basically very limited movement due to a severe pain in my back and bum which I couldn't seem to shake for over 5 weeks, particularly bad too as I'm 5 months pregnant.

I went to see him after talking it through on the phone, & when I was at my worst and could barely walk a few steps without a stabbing pain, and I can't explain how debilitating it was.

One session with Chris and I can honestly say I'm 95% recovered. I didn't know it on the day after the session but I followed his advice on excercises and gently increased my movement each day as he suggested to the point today I can return to work as normal this week. I'm so incredibly thankful I came across this practise and his expert knowledge in this area and couldn't rate it enough.

Thanks for your help in getting me back to normal Chris."


Nina, Worcester Park

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